Brake Service Nedlands WA


It's never a good idea to gamble with your safety. Your car’s various brake systems play an important role in keeping you and your family safe whilst driving and you need to be absolutely sure your car is in working order.

While some noises and abnormal behaviours might not be an immediate cause for concern, others are signs of serious problems which could lead to brake failure if not attended to. We recommend getting your brakes checked if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Brown's Garage has many years experience in the Nedlands, WA area in brake repairs. Call us today, we can check your brakes and get them working correctly to keep you, your family, your friends and your car safe.


brake service Nedlands WA


Our brake service includes:

• Handbrake inspection
• Disc brake inspection
• Drum brake inspection
• Brake line inspection
• Brake fluid inspection and refills
• Hydraulic system inspection
• Master cylinder  inspection
• Repairs and replacements


Common brake problems

Pay attention to these symptoms and avoid paying for costly breakdowns by taking your car to a mechanic now for inspection, repairs and maintenance:

• Brake pedal goes lower than usual, even all the way to the floor typically identifies losing pressure in your system (the brake lines, master cylinder or wheel cylinders)

• Brake pedal seems spongy – you might have air in your brake lines. The brake lines will need to be inspected for leaks, drained then refilled with brake fluid

• Brake pedal is hard to push down – you probably have a problem with your brake’s power booster. This is a part designed to boost the force you apply to the brake pedal to the level needed to stop the car

• Your brakes make a squealing sound, especially when you stop short – might be a number of causes, most often it's your brake pads needing replacement. The brake pads press into the wheels to cause friction and bring them to a stop so they wear out over time

• The steering wheel shudders when you brake – rotors (on the front brakes) or drums (on the back brakes) have worn or warped unevenly. These can be machined back into shape in many cases

• The car pulls to one side when braking – an indication that the brake on the other side of the car is not working properly. There could be several reasons why one brake is not working correctly, some common causes include leaks in your brake lines, a problem with pistons, wheel cylinders or brake pads

It is always most secure to service your car regularly. No reason to wait, call Brown's Garage now or make an appointment through our website.

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