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Brown's Garage car service in Nedlands, WA, provide all EFI servicing, repair and maintenance.

The Nedlands, WA, car service Brown's Garage diagnose EFI systems thoroughly, from electrical connections and static output pressure to voltage supply and fuel delivery measurements. Call Brown's Garage now or book a car service online!

Brown's Garage car service in Nedlands WA 6009

What is an Electronic Fuel Injection System?

In an internal combustion engine, an EFI is the system for mixing fuel and air. For the last few decades, EFI has gradually replaced caburetors to become the most typical system used for fuel delivery in fuel based engines.

In an EFI, a fuel pump pushes the fuel coming from a tank into different injectors creating sufficient pressure for the injectors to deliver accurate amount of fuel. Pump pressure and fuel volume flowing through must meet vehicle manufacturer standards. Failing to meet requirements, the engine performance and economy could be reduced, at the same increasing fuel consumption and emissions. Brown's Garage EFI services include:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Flushing
  • Engine diagnostic
  • Emissions testing
  • Fuel injector testing 
  • Interior flow bench testing
  • Engine management testing
  • Timed and volumetric flow testing
  • Traditional and electronic EFI systems
  • General car servicing & repairs

When inspecting and servicing EFI systems, electric fuel pumps are the primary concern area. Regular wear and tear under normal operating conditions will cause fuel pumps to fail over time. If rust or other type of dirt settle on inlets past filters or contaminate the pump, the repairs will be needed much sooner. This is why it is crucial to inspect your car at scheduled intervals and keep regular contact with your local mechanic.

Nedlands EFI service at Browns Garage WA 6009

Does my EFI need servicing?

Brown's Garage is your best car service outlet in Nedlands, WA, for all your Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) servicing and repairs. To perform a thorough inspection and analysis, call Brown's Garage now or make a car service appointment online!

During a typical EFI service our mechanics will inspect your vehicle and identify if your car is affected by common vehicle problems, including:

  • hesitation
  • lack of power
  • poor fuel economy
  • poor acceleration
  • poor engine performances during cold
  • stalling at cold temperatures
  • pinging engines
  • carbon build-up

Untreated buildups and problems can increase over time and require costly car service and potentially preventable engine repairs, if you contact your local mechanic for timely car inspection.

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